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Channel5/Newsnet5.com "Scent Matters"

Here is a exerpt from an article written about revamping your bedroom. Staff writer from Channel 5/ Newsnet5.com, Darlene Dunn, included the following quotes from our company:

Scent Matters

The bedroom is a perfect place to make more comfortable and inviting by using the sense of smell, said Laeh Wilson, owner of Twin Aura Essence, the candle division of L.T. Squared in South Euclid, Ohio.

"For couples, we definitely suggest something that will enhance their senses towards each other," she said. "Those fragrances that excite and prove to be sensual."

Wilson said the scents are even given names to indicate how they may affect one's senses. The names include Love Spell Type, Rose Petals, Sensual Blends and Exotic. Other calming and relaxing scents are called Baby Powder and Lavender.

Wilson said it is important to provide client analyses to determine scents that will be preferred.

"By asking the client a few key questions, we can determine if they prefer sweet smells compared to citrus fragrances," she said. "Our sense of smell is as unique as our fingerprints, so what may be appealing to one person may not tickle the nose of another."

Thanks Darlene!
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