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Twin Aura Essence
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Designer Fragrance List: M-Z

Twin Aura Essence Designer Fragrances
M through Z



M7 Type (Men)

Macaroon Cookie

Magie Noire Type

Mambo Type (Men or Women)

Mandarin Oil

Mango Macadamia Nut

Mania Type (Men or Women)

Manifesto Type

Maple Syrup 


Mark Jacobs Type (Women)



Melon & Peaches Berries

Men’s Musk

Michael Jordan Jump Type

Michael Kors for Men Type

Michael Kors Type


Mint Blends

Miracle Type (Men or Women)

Mocha Cappuccino Coffee


Morning Mist

Mucadine Grape



Must De Cartier Type


Natural Herbals

Nature Fresh

Nautica Type (Men or Women) 

Navy Type (Women)

Neroli Blossom

Neroli Oil

New Haarlem Type

New Mown Hay

New West Type (Women)

Night Blooming Jasmine

Nino Cerrutti Women

Noa Type (Women)

Norell Type

NU by YSL Type

O Oui De Lancome Type (Women)

O Oui De Lancome Type

Ocean Dream Type

Ocean Fresh

Ocean Port

Old Spice Type (Men)

Ombre Rose Type (Women)

OP Juice Type (Men)

Opium Type (Men or Women)

Orange Citrus Blend

Orange Clove

Orange Cream Sickle

Orange Flower 

Orange Oil

Orange Peel

Orange Pekoe Tea

Orange Pound Cake



Organza Type


Oscar De Larenta Type


Oxygen Lavin Type (Women)

Paco "XS" Type (Men)

Paco Energy Unisex Type

Paco Type

Palma Rosa Oil

Paloma Picasso Type


Paradise by Alfred Sung Type (Men)

Parfum D' Ete by Kenzo Type

Paris Type

Passion Type (Men or Women)

Patchouli & Lavender

Patchouli & Orange 

Pattie La Belle Type

Paul Sebastian Type

Peaceful Blends

Peaceful Home Blends

Peaches & Melons

Peanut Butter Brownies

Pear Sorbet

Pears & Apples

Pears & Cinnamon Apples

Perry Ellis 360 Type

Petigrain Oil

Photo Type

PI Type (Men)

Pie Filling

Pierre Cardan Type

Pine Balsam

Pine Fresh

Pine Mint

Pine Musk

Pine Needle Canadian

Pine Spice

Pineapple Berries

Pineapple Paradise Yankee Type 

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pink Sugar Type

Pino Silverstre Type

Pleasant Memories

Poeme Type

Point Pleasant

Poison Type


Potpourri Blends

Premium Phat Farm Type

Private Collection Type

Quorum Type

Rapture by Victoria Secret Type

Raspberry Cheese Cake

Realities Type

Realm Type (Men or Women)

Red # 2 Type (Women)

Red Apple

Red Door Type

Red Type (Men or Women)

Red Jeans Versace Type

Refreshing Blends

Rejuvenating Blends

Relaxing Blends 

Retention Blends

Rivera Sun Victoria Secret Type

Robert Cavalli Type

Rochas Type (Men)

Roma Type (Women)

Romance Type (Men or Women)

Romantic Blends

Root Beer

Royal Copenhagen Type

Royal Secret Type

Rush Type Gucci (Women)

Safari Type (Men or Women)

Sage Clary Oil

Sam Sara Type

Sandy Hook

Sapphires And Jewels

Sculpture Type (Men)

Sea Bright

Sea Shell

Seaside Holiday Yankee Type

Secret Crush V.S. Type

Sensi Type (Women)

Sensual Blends 

Shalimar Type

Simply by Clinique Type

Sleep Peacefully Blends

Sleigh Ride

Snoring Remedy Blends

So NY Type

Somali Rose

Soothing Relaxing Type

SPA Fragrance

Spark by Liz Claiborne Type (Men or Women)


Spellbound Type (Women)

Spice Blends

Spring Blends

Spring Fresh

Spring Garden

Spring Lake

Still by Jennifer Lopez Type

Stone Harbor

Strawberry & Melons

Strawberry & Musk

Strawberry & Peaches

Strawberry Apple

Strawberry Banana Daiquiri 

Strawberry Chiffon

Strawberry Melon

Stress Relief Blends

Study Blends

Sugar By Fresh (Women)

Summer Rain

Sun, Moon & Stars Type

Sunflowers Type

Sweet Chamomile

Sweet Musk

Swiss Army Type

Tabu Type

Tansey Oil

Tatiana Type

Tea Rose

The Scent of Peace Type

Tiffany Type (Men)

Tiger Lily


Tommy "T" Type

Travel Blends

Tresor Type

Tropical Fruit

Tropical Punch Escada Type  

True Love Type


Truth Type  (Women)

Tuscany Type  (Men)

Tuscany Per Donna Type

Vanderbilt Type

Vanilla Cinnamon Filling

Vanilla Fields Type

Vanilla Filling

Vanilla Musk Type

Vanilla Spice

Venezia Type Laura Biogotti

Vera Wang Type

Verbena Oil

Vermont Maple Syrup

Versus Type (Women)

Very Irresistible by Givenchy Type

Very Sexy For Men Victoria Secret Type

Violet Blossom

Violet Leaf

Vivid Type

Volupte Type

Wall Street Type


Warm Banana Nut Muffins

Water Crest

Watermelon & Berries

Watermelon & Peaches

Wedding Cake

Weekend by Burberry

Wheat Germ & Honey

White Gardenia

White Musk

White Musk Jovan Type

White Rose

Wild Cherry Bark

Wild Flower

Wings Type (Men or Women)

Winter Wonderland

Women’s Musk

Woody Herbals

Woody Musk

Ye Olde Country Store

Youth Dew Type

Ysatis Type


Zino for Men Type

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