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Shea Butter
 Our creamy shea butters go on smooth and are long-lasting. The aroma on your body or in your hair is sure to get you compliments throughout your entire day!

Try our raw (slight nutty aroma), plain (no scent at all) or scented butters today. We are able to do customized scents as well, simply view some of our fragrances by clicking here, to find one that you like!

After selecting your desired size, Please select from only ONE of the fragrance categories.

The Benefits of Shea Butter are many!
    * Daily skin moisturizer (face and body)
    * Dry skin relief
    * Dry scalp
    * Skin rash- including diaper rash
    * Skin peeling, after tanning
    * Blemishes and wrinkles
    * Itching skin due to dryness
    * Sunburn
    * Shaving cream to reduce razor irritation
    * Small skin wounds
    * Skin cracks
    * Soften tough skin on feet (especially heels)
    * Restores luster to hair
    * Helps restore elasticity to skin
    * Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
    * Minor burns
    * Eczema
    * Sun and wind protection
    * Even skin tone
    * Reduce blemishes and scarring
    * Eliminating scalp irritation from dryness or chemical processing
    * Preventing bumps after shaving
    * Reducing acne (especially in combination with African Black Soap)
    * Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue


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My go-to for moisture!
By Kat W. Thursday, June 4, 2020
I use this shea butter everyday! Whether whipped and scented or raw, this shea butter helps to keep my skin soft, especially the trouble areas like my feet. I have been using this along with the coconut oil line for all of my moisture needs.
Added Moisture
By Tracee Sunday, March 22, 2020
So I purchased a small 4oz. size of the Shea butter. I purchased my Neice a large size in the summer. The Shea butter left our skin soft and silky. It is not greasy but very moisturizing. The large size is the best value, especially if you have a family.. share the silky Shea butter with everyone.
Favorite Product
By Julian Saturday, March 21, 2020
This shea butter is amazing. Whipped so you don't have to struggle with it and it comes in fragrances!
Soooo Yummy!
By Ukeba Brown Thursday, March 19, 2020
After smelling Best Friend's Krush on a friend, I was immediately hooked. I purchased Best Friend's Krush, Lavender and Baby Powder. I love them all! They are so fragrant and they leave my skin feeling like silk. I will be back soon for room sprays and candles. Please believe that you will not be disappointed.
My Go To!
By Jae S. Monday, March 16, 2020
This is my Go To because it works great on my dry skin. It absorbs well and keeps my hands and feet feeling great, moisturized and soft. I don't leave home without it. And did I say it smells soooo good!
A Solution to Anxiety for Me
By Princelle LaShaye Sunday, March 15, 2020
I believe the combination of LT Squared shea butter and scents psychologically reduced anxiety, whether it manifests through a condition in the scalp, face, arms, or feet. I say that because some topical agents are just that... but I ALWAYS FEEL SOOTHED from the outside-in. So at work when I feel frustration coming... I use a litte LT2 Jamica Me Crazy Shea Butter on my hands and not only do they instantly feel softer but I FEEL BETTER! :)